Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions page of GenerateBitcoinApp.com provide you an automated training interface to help users learn how to trade Bitcoin. The system is only a simulator training software and the fee will not be returned to the user.

1.1 Residence of any country can use on GenerateBitcoinApp.com .
1.2 GenerateBitcoinApp.com can only be used by individual person.
1.3 All individual who complete 18 year age can use on GenerateBitcoinApp.com .
1.4 You also agree to use this software on your own risk. You need to understand that past performance is no guarantee of the same future performance. Please use on your own risk and GenerateBitcoinApp.com will not be liable for any losses.

Depositing funds
2.1 GenerateBitcoinApp.com Accept only Bitcoins.
2.2 GenerateBitcoinApp.com accept only a fee higher than 0.0008 BTC.
2.3 All fees send will count as a donation on GenerateBitcoinApp.com .

As other modern website. GenerateBitcoinApp.com also use cookies to retrieve user data.

4.1 GenerateBitcoinApp.com is only a training software for those who want to experience how to be a Bitcoin investor or Bitcoin broker.
4.2 GenerateBitcoinApp.com will not make any payouts.
4.3 GenerateBitcoinApp.com will consider your fee as a donation for using our software.