Bitcoin Wallet Address – How to trade and store Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that appeared back in 2009. It represent an electronic coin with and descentralized and open source. This means that no one has control over the source of this coin. Bitcoin can be obtained through a process named mining. This process consists of resolving mathematical equations with the help of computer hardware and other components. And despite its open source, Bitcoin is also limited.


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There can be obtained a total of 21 millions Bitcoins and since 2009, there had been mined over 17 millions coins. Bitcoin was designed as a online payment alternative, which means that this coin online exists online. From the beginning it appeared the problem of buying, selling, trading and storing Bitcoin. The creators of Bitcoin did not come up with a solution for these problems but others did. Over the years, there appeared many platforms that offer solutions for Bitcoin owners.


Bitcoin Virtual Wallet

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The most popular and trustworthy platform for trading and storing Bitcoin is Blockchain. On this site you can create an account with just an email address, no id required. You will get access from your account to cryptocurrency wallets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others. From your wallet you can generate an unlimited number of addresses. On Blockchain, you can receive, send or trade Bitcoin but you can also just store Bitcoin in your virtual wallet.


Since Bitcoin does only exists online, you will need a wallet in the first place before purchasing it and storing it. There are many platforms that offer free Bitcoin wallets like Blockchain, Coinbase, Coinmama and many others. A virtual wallet is easy to obtain and it is mandatory for trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Also for storing it is recommended to use a hardware wallet.


Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

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Hardware wallet is the most secure solution to store and protect your Bitcoin and other coins. Hardware wallets can be purchased from Blockchain or Nano Ledger. As it should be it comes with many safety words and a password or pin so if you loose your hardware wallet, your crypto coins will still be safe. Bitcoin hardware wallets are used only for storing Bitcoin so if you want to trade Bitcoin, you will also need a virtual wallet.